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<bonniot>now we can see the rate of development:01:19
<arjanb>almost all error messages could be improved03:56
next try to sleep, good night03:58
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<bonniot>i have mostly implemented the default constructors built on parent's custom constructors23:24
<bonniot>i'm doing some cleaning up at the moment23:30
the time taken to run the testsuite is really becoming a problem
<arjanb>yes the time is longer than the things you want to do during the testsuite23:37
and it's not only the retypings, the number of testcases has tripled last year23:38
<Bluelive>one thing about nice, its just horrible to do a query about it on google :)23:39
<bonniot>the forwing number of testcases is a good thing
of course it makes runs longer, but for a good cause :-)
Bluelive: you can search for "link:nice.sf.net"23:40
most articles/comments will have a link
arjanb: the first goal is to have high quality, so having many testcases is a good thing. one can still be careful to create one testcase instead of several when it makes sense23:42
running the suite faster is a second goal. if we can get rid of many retypings, we will improve that, without loosing any quality
Bluelive: tell us if you found interesting links :-)23:51
<Bluelive>well i did run into people talking about nice a few days back on random blogs
<bonniot>could you find back the links?23:52
<Bluelive>dont think so, cleaned the history friday23:56
<bonniot>and what do you remember about it? :-)00:53
<Bluelive>ow it was pretty generic01:32
that it seemed to them as good project that provides a language with a few interresting new technologies01:33
nothing about really using it or such
<bonniot>we have a few "real life" projects using Nice already :-)01:34
I hope these experiences can be described a bit, to learn from them and let people know it's being done01:35
<Bluelive>well it wasnt much more detailed
seems to me just someone that heared about it and read the site but downloaded nothing
<bonniot>i just wrote a short script to display the line-count change between local files and CVS02:10
it's practical to have an idea on the impact, and where you might look to avoid increasing the file lengthes02:11
example (for CCs of course :-)
AST.java: +1
Constructor.java: -5
CustomConstructor.java: +29
FormalParameters.java: +29
JavaConstructor.java: +5
JavaMethod.java: -5
MethodDeclaration.java: +11
NiceClass.java: +18
RetypedJavaMethod.java: +7
Total: +90
(there is a tool called cvsdelta, but it does not do the line counts)02:12
ok, i commited the changes02:28
most of the functionality should be there now
I think the implementation still needs to be changed to accomodate mixes of CC and field overrides02:29
and CC probably don't work for parametric classes
that's it I think
new testcases are welcome ;-)02:30
<arjanb>i will try it tomorrow :-)
good night
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