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* bonniot joins10:37
hello Bl10:43
how is your WE starting?
<Bluelive>with a cold10:59
and the cat is missing atm
<bonniot>could be worse :-)11:06
<Bluelive>and he's back11:07
hows yout weekend ?11:24
* arjanb joins
<bonniot>hello arjan11:40
Bluelive: thanks, it's fine. it's very misty outside, so it will probably be a cozy WE :-)11:41
<Bluelive>gf over and all ?12:16
<Bluelive>or are you married ?12:24
<bonniot>yes, i'm married
i have to log out...12:27
* bonniot leaves
* bonniot joins12:31
<arjanb>it seems like i have created a little bootstrap problem yesterday13:55
*away for an hour*13:58
<bonniot>yes, you used a feature that was not available in the dev version14:13
probably you had to manually update your bootstrap compiler, no?
<arjanb>no i first made the change to allow variant type param and then made comparator contravariant15:23
<bonniot>yes, but you must have used the result of the first change to bootstrap the second change15:28
<bonniot>probably there was not time for autobuilder to do the same (it starts every 2 hours)15:32
working on the constructors at the moment15:40
started with switching to a design that allows a NiceClass to define several15:41
arjan, how do expression-local variables look?18:47
<arjanb>nothing done on that today because i'm bit ill18:49
hope you get better soon :-)18:50
<arjanb>i only cathed a cold
<bonniot>some success: the failing testcase is now passing19:25
checking for regressions...
also, the code currently more dummy parameters than ever... :-/19:26
<Bluelive>arjan, well, thers a serious cold one going aroung campus19:44
<arjanb>i hoped to skip this one but bad luck19:48
<bonniot>there is an error message worded as:22:22
Class nice.lang.Ref has no constructor with the correct number of 1 type parameters
it would be clearer and more correct with:22:23
Class nice.lang.Ref has no constructor with 1 type parameters
(there is the s at the end, which is another issue...

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