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any news?
<bonniot>hello arjan13:23
i did some more work on typing object, for literal arrays in particular
it's not completely ready for commit yet
after that, I think I will release 0.9.513:24
<arjanb>i'm fixing a little bug now and will try to get custom constructors working13:36
<bonniot>what bug?13:43
<arjanb>the optimization in BitOp doesn't work correctly13:45
booleans are just int's in bytecode except when you store them in a boolean array because storing/loading in a boolean array is the same as in byte arrays13:48
i'm not making much progress with custom constructors :(17:10
they seems to be related with almost everything in bossa.syntax
<bonniot>what is the problem?17:11
<arjanb>that i spend most of the time searching through a dozen files to find out how thing are done17:12
<bonniot>you can ask questions :-)17:13
and if you see a better way, it's possible to refactor in a first phase17:14
<arjanb>*away for dinner*17:16
<bonniot>so, is there anything I can explain?19:45
<arjanb>i don't think that's useful today19:52
what i have written today doesn't make sense19:53
<bonniot>what phase are you working on? analyse? typechecking? code generation?19:54
<arjanb>a bit on all but sleep shortage and coding don't go together19:55
<Bluelive> :)19:57
it might be a good idea to focus on one pass at a time20:02
that is, first try to do only parsing (i think you already did that one)
<arjanb>i have that
<bonniot>then resolve the symbols
then do the typechecking20:03
and each time, check with small examples that that part is working
<arjanb>custom constructor will be something for 0.9.6 i think20:12
what's left before releasing 0.9.5?20:14
they seem to be struggling with the typesystem for java 1.5: http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jsp?forum=316&thread=472102&tstart=0&trange=1520:20
<bonniot>yes, i did not think custom constructors would be in 0.9.520:22
it's a big piece of work
that's why I think it's good to release 0.9.5 at this point20:23
i think 0.9.5 could be release as is20:24
<bonniot>so that might be tomorroa
<Bluelive>nice forum thread, wasnt aware that there was a test version out there20:33
<bonniot>there is, but with a NDA20:59
what do you think of the new icon for "Development" on the homepage?22:51
<arjanb>looks good though i don't remember the old one22:52
<bonniot>there was no old one :-)22:54
<arjanb>btw the tutorial is the oldest part of the site22:57
<bonniot>yes, the only one in native html...22:59
do you think it would look good in the same style as the main pages?23:08
<arjanb>why not?
the only thing is that the tutorial doesn't contain any of the changes of last year23:11
<bonniot>it does not need to have everything, that's for the user manual23:14
but maybe some important feature is missing. what would you add?23:15
<arjanb>type inference, option types23:18
<bonniot>ok, granted :-)23:19
<arjanb>a tutorial should be a sort of teaser that makes you trying it out23:21
<bonniot>agreed. do you think some parts should be removed?23:25
<arjanb>i found the alike keyword very strange when i started with nice23:26
maybe we should look for some small examples that shows multiple features of nice23:28
<bonniot>yes, it's a good idea23:33

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