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<bonniot>good night01:11
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<GummiEnte>How it goes?10:19
<bonniot>what goes? ;-)10:25
<GummiEnte>:) It was deutschich.... ;/10:26
<bonniot>wie gets?10:27
<bonniot>gut, danke!
Aeh, Fast war auch deutsch...
:) Jetzt muss ich aufpassen, das ich nicht nur noch deutsch schreibe...10:29
<bonniot>"Fast" verstehe ich night
(there are certain combinations of keys that seem automatic, it seems :-)
<GummiEnte>Axo, it is "almost"10:30
or "nearly"
<GummiEnte>Aber sonst sehr gut... :)
<bonniot>which versions of gcj work and do not work for you?10:35
<GummiEnte>Well, under linux I assume all. But that I need also Windows executables, I require some patches that currently only seem to work for the gcj-3.3.1...10:54
<bonniot>you need to apply the patches to the gcj source, and then recompile it?11:02
<GummiEnte>No, to be honest, I don't know which concrete patches are needed. Didn't investigate that enough. There are prepackaged sources unter http://www.mingw.org/download.shtml11:04
<bonniot>do you create lots of exceptions?11:10
<GummiEnte>Well, quite a lot... To quantify I would assume about 30-40... (I don't use them as return value, but really as exception; one exception to this for the "forbreak" construct.11:17
I'll have to leave now... See you later...11:18
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<arjanb>what do you think of adding isNull() and isNotNull() to the stdlib?13:54
<bonniot>i don't really see the point14:03
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<arjanb>i have to go now17:16
cu on monday17:17
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Ok, noone seems to be active...19:06
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