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<bonniot>good night02:38
<arjanb>good night02:49
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<bonniot>i've got Object type mostly working, I think22:38
i think with this and more complete retypings for the java.* packages the --strict option could be default22:48
<bonniot>the new typing of Object does not make a diference for option types23:04
and users can depend on many more libraries than just java.*23:05
<arjanb>the new typing of Object reduces the number of needed retypings by about a half i think23:08
<bonniot>for Java methods like void foo(Object) ?23:10
<bonniot>are there so many of them?23:11
<arjanb>there are more Object arguments than maybe null arguments i think23:13
<bonniot>you mean more !Object than ?Object ?23:23
<arjanb>i mean more arguments that are Object and thus need to be retyped than arguments retyped to some ?Type23:28
<bonniot>?Type is the default (for arguments) so it does not need retyping23:43

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