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what do you think of warnings for unused local variables, empty blocks in if statements?15:41
<bonniot>you mean if(...) {} ?15:56
<arjanb>yes but especially if (...);15:57
<bonniot>that should be caught by the editor's indentation15:58
<arjanb>not everyone is using advanced editors15:59
these kinds of warnings are just noise when you compile often so i was thinking of a -Wall option for nicec16:01
<bonniot>can the checks be implemented cheaply?16:08
<arjanb>i think so16:10
btw about the indentation
if ();
all on the same indent is just how my editor would show it
and thats the same as withoput the ;
<bonniot>i indent { by two after if16:21
but true, style varies :-)
i have to go, bye16:44
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