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<arjanb>what happens with static variables if you don't have any instance of that class anymore?01:17
<bonniot>static variables do not depend on an instance, they exist as long as the class exists01:19
<arjanb>so will hang around untill the jvm stops?
<bonniot>unless the class is garbage collected01:20
<arjanb>did you find out anything about the duplicated fields01:35
can't reproduce the memory problem anymore01:40
<bonniot>yes: it's not specific to getters, but it's a question of multiple compilations in the same jvm01:48
i think with separate compilations it would not happen
<arjanb>have you tried it with separate compilations?01:50
<bonniot>no, and you?
<arjanb>i will try now
<arjanb>i can't find way to reproduce it with separate compilation01:59
<bonniot>that confirms what I thought
<arjanb>is gnu.expr not thread safe?02:00
<bonniot>i think I have the fix02:08
<bonniot>hum, i'm not sure if gnu.expr was designed with multiple compilations in mind
<arjanb>have you seen the one regression when compiling with 1.4?02:27
in the automatic test02:30
<bonniot>is this because of a new retyping?02:35
<bonniot>what is the problem?
<arjanb>the point here is that because some class from java.nio is used as argument somewhere in java.io method02:37
and all methods of that java.nio class are imported too
<bonniot>name(color@Color) would work, right?02:39
or by making it the default implementation
<arjanb>yes or name(color(Color))02:40
but is it correct the name method of a java.nio class is imported?
that's how methods are found02:43
<arjanb>good night03:00
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too bad everybody is gone05:19
-- what happpens when an method that has a <Any T> with further constraints is overloaded ?
cant overload, or require a precise usage of the constraints, or runtime constraint checking ?05:20
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<bonniot>arjan, do you understand why the retyping failed?10:13
java.io.FileOutputStream(java.lang.String,boolean) seems to be in JDK 1.3
<arjanb>but FileOutputStream(File, boolean) is jdk 1.410:15
<bonniot>so? that's not the one that failed10:16
or is it ? :-)10:17
<arjanb>hmm the error message prints the one found with the same number of params but doesn't match
<arjanb>why have you added the check for not in interface at getter/setter creation?10:22
it doesn't solve the problem christian had10:23
<bonniot>it helps10:24
even if it does not solve everything
then the getters are not duplicated anymore, just the constructor10:25
i think that's what confused you: it seemed like it did nothing because a similar error occured, but it was actually diferent
but i know it does not solve it, that's why I did not add the testcase ;-)10:26
<arjanb>i see10:27
but it's strange that the addition of getters/setters does trigger duplication of constructors10:30
<bonniot>i don't think it's related
<arjanb>but why didn't christian fInd that problem earlier then?10:32
<bonniot>i don't know10:36
either he changed his code, or it is another change in the compiler
i think everything is fine now. i'm finishing running the whole testsuite12:18
any idea what is causing the increase of memory usage?13:02
<Bluelive>can you override an method with a locally constraint parametric ?13:09
<arjanb>i don't think there was big increase in memory usage13:15
<bonniot>Bluelive: what do you mean?13:16
<Bluelive>well if you extend a class and override a method on it, and the method has an <Any T> and further constraints, does the new method have to have the exact constraints ?13:18
<bonniot>in Nice, there is no new method, there is a new implementation of the same method13:22
maybe you could write the code?
<Bluelive>class A { void x<T>(T a) where T<:String } class B extends A { void x<T>(T a) where T:<List }13:24
<bonniot>that would be unsafe, because you could make a call A.x(String) that happens at runtime to be B.x(String), and the method in B does not handle that13:28
<Bluelive>so at compile time they need to have the same constraints ?13:31
<bonniot>for us, this question does not really make sense because there is only one method13:34
if you think in terms of mono-methods, i think the overriding method could have a more general (less precise) constraint13:35
for instance Any T in B
<Bluelive>im totally missing the var thingy right now :)14:49
<arjanb>var thingy?14:50
<Bluelive>ehmz, the variables typed by context information
<Bluelive>im feeling guilty of reimplementing so much of your ideas...14:57
<arjanb>that's good sign for us :-)14:58
<Bluelive>why ?14:59
<arjanb>daniel seen the testsuite failure in the automatic test using jdk 1.4?15:41
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<arjanb>daniel have you seen the testsuite failure in the automatic test using jdk 1.4?16:21
<bonniot>the memory error?16:25
<bonniot>it seems it appeared with the java.io retypings16:26
but it also depends on the free memory on the machine16:27
<arjanb>yes i think these retypings maked the mem leak a bit larger so that fails sometimes16:28

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