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Lets see how long arjan needs to get to irc :)
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<arjanb>i'm just back from a programming contest in sweden00:05
<Bluelive>as am i :)00:09
<arjanb>i found out that multimethods are not easy to explain]00:10
daniel: 2 questions about the objecttype proposal will the example of comparison still throw an error?00:13
is the subtype relation then Any T <: Object <: SomeClass ?00:15
<bonniot>yes, the comparison will still fail. i tried to say that on the page, but maybe i was not clear01:00
subtype: (I think you meant the other way around: SomeClass <: Object)01:01
<bonniot>SomeClass <: Object yes (it's actually SomeType, but that's the same if SomeClass has no type parameters)01:02
for Any T, that does not really make sense01:03
T is a type, but only inside a context (like inside a method with the type variable T
for instance, this will be valid:
<T> foo(T x) {01:04
Object o = x;
so that's T <: Object, inside the context <T>
(Object is the _top_ type, so Anything <: Object)
<arjanb>i see01:05
this will make using java libraries easier though i think using "Object" types variables in Nice programs should discouraged01:12
<bonniot>yes, it will only be useful in a few cases, but it's good to have01:15
<arjanb>it could be warning when using '--strict' (this option needs a better name since it only relates to typing of java things)01:17
<bonniot>i don't think a warning would be good01:21
<arjanb>why? i mean using Object in type symbols in Nice code01:28
constraints before a classdefition still look odd to me01:30
<bonniot>using Object can be valid, for instance when you use reflexion, so it would be annoying to get a warning01:31
<arjanb>but they make sense especially when different number of super class parameters is possible
<bonniot>yes, and we'll get used to the new syntax:)01:32