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<bonniot>i started discussing with the debugger guys in the eclipse project00:42
they already have some multi-language support, and it's one of their goals for the next release
i believe there are still things that they should implement, but we are discussing that00:43
ok, i'm going to sleep. goodnight
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hello again14:45
<fcb>sorry to bother you again, but I have another question
<arjanb>i expected more question :)14:46
<fcb>i was looking at some a preliminary nicedoc tool done by daniel
it needs a package bossa.syntax.*14:47
and bossa.modules.*14:48
I have downloaded them via CVS
but how do I compile them?
<arjanb>i think the easiest is to compile the entire compiler14:49
<fcb>oh, ok
what does that involve14:50
<arjanb>on linux download the complete cvs tree and run the makefile
<fcb>ok, thanks14:51
<arjanb>see: http://sourceforge.net/docman/display_doc.php?docid=10738&group_id=12788
checkout the Nice module in tother words?14:56
<fcb>I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow with more questions!15:18
see you later
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<arjanb>writing a java program is very annoying now22:38
<arjanb>well i have an assignment and i miss several Nice features23:30
<bonniot>ah, I see :-)23:31
which ones?
<arjanb>little things like default constructors, optional parameters, type inference23:33
but mainly the looping constructs
x = filter(... oh no for (elem : list) oh no for(Iterator it = list.iterator():it.hasNext():)23:35
<bonniot>did you try to ask if you could use Nice? :-)23:36
<arjanb>i didn't try because we have to use a java uml tool :-(23:37

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