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sorry that i'm not active on Nice the last few weeks but study and other things cost more time than i expected18:59
i think i will have time again over a week19:00
the only thing i'm working on now is ignoring of retypings so that i will be possible to include java 1.4 specific retypings without breaking anything19:02
this python proposal could be of interest in relation to the generators addition of the stdlib: http://www.python.org/peps/pep-0289.html19:10
*away for 2 hours*19:11
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<bonniot>hello arjan21:44
two people contacted me about writing nicedoc21:45
will it be a build in nicec or a seperated tool21:48
<bonniot>i'm not sure what you mean exactly21:50
i think it should share as much code as possible with the compiler
but the console tool would probably be different
<arjanb>so that means that the parser extracts the doc comments and not another parser21:53
<bonniot>ah, forgot about that21:54
i think there should be to parsers, and the loading library takes a parser as an argument21:55
what is the easiest way to get whether the compiler is reading/analysing a .nicei file?21:58
<bonniot>use the loading library?22:06
what do you want to do?22:07
<arjanb>for the warning that a class doesn't exist in a retyping should only happen when compiling it the first time
<bonniot>oh i see22:15
there is bossa.modules.Package.interfaceFile()22:16
toplevel elements have a link to their module, which is na instance of Package
<arjanb>that will do it22:33
<bonniot>so what you are proposing is a warning when compiling from source, and being silent for compiled packages?23:17
<bonniot>ok, that makes sense23:18
<arjanb>it will solve the problem of retyping methods new to 1.4 and 1.523:19
btw how is your dissertation going?23:24
<bonniot>oh, slowly...00:14
<arjanb>i was hoping that it would be finished soon so that the development of nice could be speed up a bit00:27
<bonniot>me too!00:31
as you see, I can still spend time on Nice
and the best is if we can get more people to contribute
<arjanb>ed but how00:32
why don't you put a request for help on nice-info?00:34
<bonniot>i did that some time ago00:36
now i put a proposal for nicedoc on SF, and I got two answers, which is quite good
we'll see if that's succesful00:37
<arjanb>i don't understand why not more people use this irc channel00:41
<bonniot>building a community takes time...01:41
it's always a good idea to present Nice in new places on the net, so more people can discover it01:42
ok, i'll be going01:43
good night
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