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<arjanb>good night01:38
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long time since you have been here17:29
<alexgreif>yes Im busy at work and with my flow4j plugin
<arjanb>written in Nice?17:31
<alexgreif>I began, but switched back to java because I heavily needed the debugger17:32
<arjanb>i see
btw the mailing of wiki changes is working again :-)17:38
have you found any problem with Nice in the meantime?17:44
<alexgreif>what was wrong with wiki?17:45
<arjanb>no idea17:46
<alexgreif>I have not used nice since then :(
has daniel changed something on the wiki mailer?
<arjanb>i know nothing more than it's working again17:47
<alexgreif>ok I see :)
ok, I will go now, cu17:49
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