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<bonniot>good night00:52
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is that duplicate constructor problem completely solved now?19:35
<bonniot>i think so, yes
<arjanb>i can bootstrap again
<arjanb>my latest change to tools.nice caused a new warning when bootstrapping19:44
tools.nice:97:3: warning - cannot convert literal (of type gnu.mapping.Values) to java.lang.Object[]
<bonniot>that's ok, there are already a few of these
they should be fixed eventually, but I think they are harmless
<arjanb>yes i have looked at them19:45
<bonniot>and what did you find?
<arjanb>it happens when a quoteexp with value null is coerced to some target type19:46
<bonniot>so the warning is just wrong, no?19:48
<arjanb>i think so19:49
but that warning could indicate some bug since the warning is rare19:50
<arjanb>i couldn't find a testcase that causes the warning19:51
<bonniot>where is the code that issues the warning?19:55
<bonniot>i'll look20:10
ah, but that's a 'catch'. Were does the throw happen?20:11
<arjanb>in the various implementation of coerceFromObject20:12
but it can be just npe's or classcast exception instead of throws20:13
<bonniot>ok, but which one creates the warning we are speaking about?20:16
<bonniot>one would have to investigate why an instance of Values occurs there20:25
<arjanb>yes but i haven't found that yet because gnu.* is quite big20:29
any idea how since when these warnings happened in bootstrapping21:26
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<bonniot>i don't know precisely, but they have been there for quite some time
i think by debugging you could find out what to change22:06
there should be no warning when converting null to anything
<arjanb>i know why the warning happens but not where the bug is22:58
it's a void value as last element of an BeginExp where a non void is exspected23:00
<bonniot>do you have a testcase?23:15
<arjanb>no only the warnings from bootstrapping23:21
<bonniot>you could try to simplify that to a small testcase23:33
<arjanb>i have tried that
i have tracked down the source where there other warning happens and i could make a testcase of that00:06
?String foo()
if (true && false)
return null;
try {
return "ksdjlfkjsadlkjf";00:07
} catch(StringIndexOutOfBoundsException e) {
return "ksdjlfkjsadlkjf";
could you look at this? i have no idea anymore00:11
<bonniot>this testcase produces the warning?00:15
<bonniot>ok, that's a good step00:30
i won't look at it tonight

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