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how are you doing?13:15
<GummiEnte>Thnx, I'm fine. You?
It is good to see you here... I've again some problems with the latest compiler...13:16
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I don't know, if one of you is already working on it, but I get errors with the latest compiler13:22
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassFormatError: com/condor_edv/e3m/util/list/MyListElem (Repetitive method name/signature)13:23
<arjanb>the latest dev version is a bit broken
<GummiEnte>Ah, ok.
The version, daniel updated for me as 1.3.1 compiled is working fine
(build 2003.09.30, 16:06:16 UTC) <-- that's working
<arjanb>i see that daniel found a testcase for the classformaterror13:24
<GummiEnte>So, he might be already working on a fix... :)13:26
<arjanb>GummiEnte: instanceof inference to some class with a different number of type parameters isn't possible13:41
but the compiler shouldn't crash on that as in the example in your mail13:42
<GummiEnte>Which mail? Where you are?13:57
<arjanb>of a few days ago named Bug13:59
<GummiEnte>Ah, Ok... That was about the serialisation, wasn't it?14:03
<GummiEnte>Ok... That has been solved already. Daniel told me, that the method getObejct (or someting like that it has been) is polymorphic and so I don't need the instanceof...14:11
I'll leave for lunch now... cu
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<arjanb>have to go now i'm back this evening15:24
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strange that the automatic tests fails on niceswing18:30
<bonniot>did you check the failure?19:18
<arjanb>it's parsing error no idea why that happens now since the parser hasn't changed for weeks19:19
<bonniot>and what construct does it fail on?19:21
<arjanb>an exinsting interface implementing an AI19:22
<bonniot>yes, strange19:24
are the other errors expected?
<arjanb>i have no problems compiling niceswing
--15:48:18-- http://nice.sf.net/nice.jar19:26
=> `Nice/external/nice-bootstrap.jar'
Resolving proxy-rocq.inria.fr... done.
Connecting to proxy-rocq.inria.fr[]:8080... connected.
Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 503 Service Unavailable
15:48:48 ERROR 503: Service Unavailable.
and you know that there is a regression in using Clonable interface?19:28
<bonniot>the bug report?
<arjanb>i don't know can't reach the sf site now19:31
<bonniot>I commited a fix this morning. I got the email19:34
<arjanb>but that was about comparable19:35
<bonniot>it's not specific
<arjanb>i see19:36
<bonniot>if you mean the testcase Nice/testsuite/compiler/classes implements.testsuite
it changed it
to use a different interface
btw, your change to instanceof inference is good19:44
<arjanb>i want to check such things at the operator itself so give a warning when it's always true or false20:13
btw how is the double constructor problem going?20:15
<bonniot>working on it20:17
<arjanb>an interesting proposal to python: http://www.python.org/peps/pep-0289.html21:16

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