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hello arjan18:03
did you try bootstrapping from scratch? the automatic tester succeeded the bootstrap
so you don't have bootstrap problems?18:15
<bonniot>the tester didn't, and it does a 'make world'18:18
<arjanb>my bootstrap proces is a little different18:20
i can make a compiler (using an older compiler) of the current cvs tree18:22
but if i use that new compiler to compile the current cvs it goes wrong
<bonniot>i'll try that18:24
i can reproduce that18:44
did you find out which class is faulty?
<arjanb>i haven't looked more closely yet18:45
<bonniot>i don't think its nice.tools.ast.SymbolTable18:47
stupidly, java does not report the faulty class, but the one refering to the faulty one
<arjanb>if i continue the compilation after that error then i get:18:49
F:\Nice>call nicec --exclude-runtime --sourcepath="src;stdlib" --classpath=classes --jar src/nice/to
ols/compiler.jar -R nice.tools.compiler.console
nice.lang: parsing18:50
mlsub.compilation: parsing
bossa.modules: parsing
nice.tools.compiler: parsing
nice.getopt: parsing
nice.doc: parsing
nice.tools.compiler.console: parsing
Class bossa.syntax.Info has an invalid bytecode format
do you have a bytecode verifier?18:55
<bonniot>what about you?18:58
<bonniot>i use justice, from the bcel library
but it does only one class per go
hum, this is complicated by this:19:07
Pass 3a, method number 28 ['private void writeArchive()']:
Instruction invokevirtual[182](3) 164 constraint violated: Referenced method 'cl
ose' with expected signature not found in class 'java.util.jar.JarOutputStream'.
The native verfier does allow the method to be declared in some superclass or i
mplemented interface, which the Java Virtual Machine Specification, Second Editi19:08
on does not.
and that is code generated by javac...
i don't see anything odd in SymbolTable or bossa.syntax.Info19:15
*away diner*19:19
any idea of the cause of this problem?19:53
<bonniot>yes, it is the generated SymbolTable which has a duplicate constructor19:56
<arjanb>preview of javadoc of java 1.5 api: http://www.sonic.net/~gafter/j2se1.5/api/overview-summary.html 20:09
<bonniot>i cannot yet reproduce the bug on simple code...20:37
i have to go, bye20:41
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