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Have you received my< mail?
yes i have your mail19:34
<GummiEnte>What else you need?
<arjanb>could you give the header of that method implementation
<GummiEnte>One Moment please19:38
<arjanb>i mean the code of the one that looks like getResult(@com.condor_edv.e3m.celleval.ReferencePointer, "relativeCell"@")
<GummiEnte>abstract class PointerResult extends EvalResult {19:40
EvalResult getResult(String id, LiList<EvalResult> l);
class ReferencePointer extends PointerResult {
getResult("relativeCell", l) {
<arjanb>thanks i could reproduce the bug19:44
i don't see how this could be triggered by the change to char literals19:46
but it shouldn't be difficult to fix this19:47
And, how it works?20:36
Have you fixed it?20:40
<arjanb>fixed and committed20:44
<arjanb>but there is still some delay in anon cvs
<GummiEnte>I'll see tomorrow if it works... (anon cvs hopefully will be in sync in 8 hours...)
I wish you a good night.
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