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Hello arjan.
I again get an error with the package.nicei stuff...
package.nicei: line 635, column 19:08:16
Encountered "( \'".
The line looks like:
and it comes from the following line of code in an initilizer:08:17
btw. using the latest compiler available through anonymous cvs this morning.08:18
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you found a bug in escaping char's i'm fixing it now16:11
<GummiEnte>Hi :)
You read the logs :) Fine.
At the nice website still the "old" log location is linked.16:13
<arjanb>yes the link should be changed or your logs be copied16:16
but the website is daniel's thing
These things in the package.nicei are bad things... Is this new stuff?16:37
<arjanb>you mean the initializers?16:38
initializers will be changed some time so that they don't need to be in package.nicei16:44
this fix for the char literals is committed16:46
<GummiEnte>Ok. Fine. At the moment it is boring to compile the hole packages at once...
Do you thing, I can immediatly update through anon cvs?16:47
..No.. :-( It's a pity...
<arjanb>how much is anon cvs behind now?16:49
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<GummiEnte>I' don't now exactly
...I'll now take a look at the delay... I've been on holidays for a week.17:00
<arjanb>the delay is less than 2 days as far as i can see17:16
<GummiEnte>Ok, with your latest changes, the pacakge.nicei error disappears, but instead a compiler bug appear. :(17:35
[nicec] Stack trace:
[nicec] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 2
[nicec] at bossa.link.Dispatch.findUsedPositions(Dispatch.java:136)
[nicec] at bossa.link.Dispatch.test(Dispatch.java:154)
[nicec] at bossa.link.Dispatch.test(Dispatch.java:90)
[nicec] at bossa.link.Dispatch.test(Dispatch.java:75)
[nicec] at bossa.modules.Package.link(Package.java:339)
[nicec] at mlsub.compilation.fun.lambda24(/site.data/ZippedFiles/WinLinux/Java/nice/Nice/src/mlsub/compilation:33)17:36
[nicec] at mlsub.compilation.fun.apply1(/site.data/ZippedFiles/WinLinux/Java/nice/Nice/src/mlsub/compilation)
[nicec] at gnu.expr.ModuleMethod.apply1(ModuleMethod.java:89)
[nicec] at nice.lang.fun.foreach(/site.data/ZippedFiles/WinLinux/Java/nice/Nice/stdlib/nice/lang:124)
[nicec] at nice.lang.dispatch.foreach(/site.data/ZippedFiles/WinLinux/Java/nice/Nice/classes/nice/lang)
[nicec] at mlsub.compilation.fun.compileComponent(/site.data/ZippedFiles/WinLinux/Java/nice/Nice/src/mlsub/compilation:33)
[nicec] at mlsub.compilation.dispatch.compileComponent(/site.data/ZippedFiles/WinLinux/Java/nice/Nice/classes/mlsub/compilation)
[nicec] at mlsub.compilation.fun$make.lambda21(Unknown Source)
[nicec] at mlsub.compilation.fun$make.apply1(Unknown Source)
[nicec] at gnu.expr.ModuleMethod.apply1(ModuleMethod.java:89)
[nicec] at nice.lang.fun.foreach(/site.data/ZippedFiles/WinLinux/Java/nice/Nice/stdlib/nice/lang:124)
[nicec] at nice.lang.dispatch.foreach(/site.data/ZippedFiles/WinLinux/Java/nice/Nice/classes/nice/lang)
[nicec] at mlsub.compilation.fun.make(/site.data/ZippedFiles/WinLinux/Java/nice/Nice/src/mlsub/compilation:44)
[nicec] at mlsub.compilation.dispatch.make(/site.data/ZippedFiles/WinLinux/Java/nice/Nice/classes/mlsub/compilation)
[nicec] at nice.tools.compiler.fun.compile(/site.data/ZippedFiles/WinLinux/Java/nice/Nice/src/nice/tools/compiler:40)
[nicec] at nice.tools.ant.Nicec.execute(Nicec.java:305)
[nicec] at org.apache.tools.ant.Task.perform(Task.java:341)
[nicec] at org.apache.tools.ant.Target.execute(Target.java:309)
[nicec] at org.apache.tools.ant.Target.performTasks(Target.java:336)
[nicec] at org.apache.tools.ant.Project.executeTarget(Project.java:1339)
[nicec] at org.apache.tools.ant.Project.executeTargets(Project.java:1255)
[nicec] at org.apache.tools.ant.Main.runBuild(Main.java:609)
[nicec] at org.apache.tools.ant.Main.start(Main.java:196)
[nicec] at org.apache.tools.ant.Main.main(Main.java:235)
So, that's it.
<arjanb>:-( so the testsuite isn't complete enough17:38
<GummiEnte>If I again remove the package.nicei after the compile of each package, this bug does not occur.
<arjanb>so it's a bytecode signature problem17:40
now i need to find a testcase
do you dispatch on char literals somewhere in your code?17:41
<GummiEnte>you mean something like foo('c') = ... ?17:42
<GummiEnte>yes, I do so...
<arjanb>are sure you patched both files?17:45
<GummiEnte>yes... after that I did make clean && make17:47
with the older version the pacakge.nicei error still exists.
...with the patched version this new error occurs.17:48
<arjanb>i can't find a testcase to reproduce this bug17:55
It's again a package issue.. I think we have already had something similar?17:57
Hard to find...
<arjanb>it's probably in a method that uses char literal dispatch17:58
yes a package issue but this time the bytecode signature looks broken17:59
<GummiEnte>What should I especially take a look at in the char literal method?18:00
<arjanb>it could be an escaping issue again
<GummiEnte>Well, I can't find anything...18:03
ok, I'll leave now. maybe I find tomorrow some more time to investigate a bit more... cu18:29
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