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i fixed one of the bugs reported recently, and I already reproduced the other, using the regtest framework15:34
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<arjanb>i was thinking about adding a compiler option for precompilation16:13
<daniel__>what would that beM16:14
<arjanb>it happens quite often when some nice code depends on existing java code that a few call are needed from the java code to nice16:15
this means that you need to create manually a dispatch.java file
if the compiler could generate this it would be a lot easier16:16
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if there are only a few calls, it's not so hard to create the java file by hand16:23
it's true it could be practical in some cases
are you needing this at the moment?
<arjanb>i don't need it now but i was looking at how to convert some parts of the compiler to nice16:25
the mailing of changes to the wiki pages doesn't seem to work anymore16:30
have you read this: http://nice.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/twiki/view/Doc/SuperCall16:32
<bonniot>for the wiki, you should contact alex
having both super and resend would only solve the problem when it is the implementation for a superclass of the first argument that you want16:35
i think it is better to have a general scheme to select which implementation you want16:36
<arjanb>yes but i have no idea how is would look like without making it complex16:42
<bonniot>super(A,_,B) ?16:43
<arjanb>so types as arguments of super?16:44
<bonniot>well, it's just syntax16:45
other ideas?
<arjanb>not yet16:46
but Rohan has also problem with symmetric dispatch when not using super calls
<bonniot>what problem?16:47
<arjanb>duplication of methods to resolve ambiguity errors16:49
<bonniot>but that is normal, isn't it? there is indeed an ambiguity, so you need to be specific16:51
<arjanb>the why of class<T> in 4/5th post here: http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jsp?forum=316&thread=452633&tstart=0&trange=1517:03
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bonniot, are you there?
<Bob__>hi, do you know anything about Sualtam?18:30
thanks though
is Gummi_log an irc logger?
<arjanb>yes it uses Sualtam18:34
i guess im asking dumb questioins?
im trying to learn nice
i just downloaded it yesterday
i'm trying to customize Sualtam for an irc server i am running
was hoping to catch Daniel here18:35
<arjanb>if you have questions about nice i can help18:59
<arjanb>daniel do you know small things to do22:11
<Bob__>im back22:31
okay, so...the thing is
i did install nice separately
but the tools package couldnt be found by ant
(running redhat 9)
I did the rpm install of nice22:32
is there a directory somewhere that contains the tools package?
i looked for it, but could not find it
basically, I think it couldnt find the ant-task definition22:35
in the build file's classpath
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