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Ok, now I'm trying the jvm logged version...09:10
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I've just send a report to the gcj mailinglist about the abstract method issue...14:34
...we will see, what they think about...
I still get the an package.nicei error with the initilizers with the compiler, Daniel uploaded at build 2003.09.30, 16:06:16 UTC... And I haven't got the anonymous CVS changes until now.14:44
<arjanb>is that same error as before?14:45
<GummiEnte>Yes... I assume, that he hasn't got included your changes in that version...14:46
the anon cvs delays are becoming larger because of the move to new servers14:50
<GummiEnte>Will that be a temporary issue or for all time?14:52
Otherwise it would have been a pity.
I've written to the gcj-ml:16:54
An invokespecial to an abstract method should throw a java.lang.AbstractMethodError at execution time
and Andrew Haley (one of the lead developer) relied:
I'm in favour of errors being detected early. One of the features of
gcj, and it's arguable whether it's good or bad, is that we get errors
for missing methods at link time. A trad JVM doesn't do this because
it doesn't have a link phase.
<arjanb>i understand that reply17:07
that dissammbler you used calls invokespecial invokenonvirtual17:11
<GummiEnte>So, I'm lucky, that Daniel has changed the generated bytecode...17:12
I'll go now... Have a good night.18:28
<arjanb>good night
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