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Hello Arjan, are you available?
<Leblin>the search() method for Stack is in nice/lang/java.nice twice.22:59
Ambiguity for symbol search. Possibilities are :23:00
<Any E, Any T | E <: T> nice.lang.int search(nice.lang.Stack<E>, T)
<Any T, Any U | T <: U> nice.lang.int search(nice.lang.Stack<T>, U)
<arjanb>you're right23:01
my mistake i did probably to much retypings at once
<Leblin>is http://nice.sf.net/nice.jar still where the latest dev version is kept?23:04
but it has a delay of 2 days23:05
duplicate are removed in cvs23:08
<arjanb>do you have a workaround or do you build the compiler yourself?23:10
<Leblin>i already wrote a workaround. :) i can wait 2 days23:13
<arjanb>ok do you have other problems?23:14
<Leblin>no. i have just started using nice for the first time in about two months.23:17
i must go. thank you for the fix23:22
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