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<arjanb>daniel is away for 2 weeks
could i help you with something?21:11
<GummiEnte>Oh, Daniel on holidays?
Well, I don't know. It's again a license issue.
I've encountered that LGPL does NOT allow to compile the library statically into an product.21:12
<arjanb>and that's a problem when you compile to native right?21:14
<GummiEnte>Yes... Well, only if I compile to one huge executable.21:17
<arjanb>is it possible to compile jar's seperately with gcj?
<GummiEnte>If I use a .so or .dll it's again ok... but one has to be aware of... I wasn't up to a few days...21:18
LGPL says, that it must be possible to replace the library that is used with any other version (if the interfaces remain).
Yes, it is possible to compile jars seperately, but: You need the header files to relink. This is for bytecode the JAVA classes....21:19
<arjanb>java source or compiled classes?21:23
<GummiEnte>compiled classes (.class) or source
<arjanb>nicec compiles to ordinary .class files21:24
<GummiEnte>the whole is pratical... you've got the class you need for the LGPL libraries to recompile or exchange.
I just wanted to make sure, that static linking is not allowed with lgpl...21:25
dynamic linking will solve the problem, so that properitary programs can still use lgpl libraries....
<arjanb>so what do you need to make dynamic linking possible?21:27
<GummiEnte>Well, not more than nice already gives me... :)
As already said. LGPL is sufficient but not ideal if you intend to let also comerical programs be compiled with nice.21:28
<arjanb>it might be possible to provide a seperate jar with the runtime classes and the standard library with each version of the compiler21:29
<GummiEnte>Yes, but if these libraries are "only" LGPL you need to include dll support in your program. It just took me about more than 24 hours to be ready to use dll's! (well in a cross compile environment...)21:31
<GummiEnte>So, this might be not that easy to use for everyone... but these are also things that are not easy for everyone... (you understand what I mean,...)
<GummiEnte>Half a year ago it was even harder to cross compile dll's...
You need to have good knowledge of gcj and its options or luck.
<arjanb>i hope that for most user it's sufficient to use only jar's21:35
<GummiEnte>Yes, under most normal circumstances it will be. But it's not safe, if you want to protect your algorithms.21:36
<arjanb>compiled code isn't safe either21:37
i don't think decompilers exist for Nice
<GummiEnte>You're right, it isn't. But for the most script kidies it will get hard enough.21:40
Nice bytecode will even be "stronger" due to the nonexisting decompilers, but for other "normal" java bytecode decompilers exist...21:41
do you know of any tutorial to dynamic link jars in gcj?
<GummiEnte>No, no real tutorial. I've only found some mailinglist posts...21:43
You find quite a few information about cross compiling gcj ...
but to me only a quite actual gcc-3.4 development snapshot was sufficient.21:44
<arjanb>it might be useful to put some solutions/links of problem when using gjc and nice on a wiki page21:45
You mean, that I should do that? ;)21:51
<arjanb>yes when you have time for it you are the first who uses Nice with gcj that we know of21:53
<GummiEnte>What also might be interesting is nice, gcj & SWT.21:55
<arjanb>you have that working?
<GummiEnte>Yes, God thank!21:56
<arjanb>wow, you must be an expert by now21:57
<GummiEnte>Well, it took me quite a few hours, but not you can call me an expert on these area... ;-) My quite fast processor helped me with that, but a gcc compile still takes 45 minutes.21:59
<arjanb>yes gcc is a bit bloated22:01
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It's again there... REstart...22:11
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Ok,... I will leave now. I'll see if I can fetch some time for the wiki and an howto...22:40
Have a good night...
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