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<bonniot>it would be useful to public the public javadoc API of the compiler, especially bossy.syntax01:37
<arjanb>@nice-info interface X implements AI; is not a problem for typing, right?02:20
<bonniot>i replied ;-)02:29
it's possible just with class X implements AI; even when X is an interface
<arjanb>then only the parser needs to be changed02:30
<bonniot>yes, plus a test that you don't write02:31
class I implements AI
interface C implements AI
do you have time to look at it?02:34
<arjanb>not at the moment but it's easy to do so i will some time next week02:36
<bonniot>ok, thanks
<arjanb>you leave tomorow?02:44
<bonniot>yes, in the afternoon
<arjanb>are you reachable by mail next weeks?
i might have access to the web once
in that case I could see bug reports, changes to the wiki...02:46
<arjanb>i see02:47
i'm going to sleep02:49
<bonniot>good night!
<arjanb>is there something i need know before you leave?02:51
<bonniot>i don't see one
<arjanb>ok good night02:52
* arjanb leaves
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