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<bonniot>people around the world tend to use different ones00:27
files are usually stored with 8 bit characters
and their meaning depend on the encoding (latin1, 2, ...)00:28
<arjanb>so is this a bug in javacc or ?00:32
good night01:59
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hello arjan
sorry about irc yesterday night, I was not actively looking
<bonniot>i made some tests, and javac behaves like nice here:17:44
class Iso
void ?()
javac Iso.java [05:43 09/09/03]
Iso.java:3: illegal character: \65533
void ?()
javac -encoding latin1 Iso.java
except for Nice we don't have the option for selecting the encoding17:46
<arjanb>is it possible for javacc to select the encoding?
<bonniot>javacc takes a Reader17:51
when you construct the reader from a file, you can decide what enconding to use17:52
<arjanb>so only an option for nicec needs to be added to solve this problme?17:53
although if the default encoding worked, this would not really be a problem anymore18:35
hum, the default encoding works in certain conditions. so I think it is good for now20:36
i reported a bug in debian for the setting the the default encoding20:37
arjan, I think i'll look at replacing functions by methods with default implementations21:04
<bonniot>do you have plans?21:06
<arjanb>not at the moment i'm busy with my study 21:07
<bonniot>do you have exams?21:08
<bonniot>you already have courses?
<arjanb>had two weeks already
i'm now trying out icon it's quite a fun language21:11
<bonniot>does it have backtracing builtin?21:12
i have some difficulties with understanding coexpressions yet21:21
i'm thinking about writing a whitespace sensitive parser for nice21:22
<bonniot>like python?21:26
<bonniot>won't it be strange to have two syntaxes for the same language?21:27
<arjanb>maybe but the difference isn't that large 21:28
{ } and ; only become optional

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