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<bonniot>the improvement to the bootstrap process is commited12:57
<arjanb>i have seen that but i don't use it yet
<arjanb>my old bootstrap batch file still seems to work
what my new process allows is to compile a source that includes an inlined method that is not in the stable compiler
i found the cause of the coverage bug13:15
it is your last changes to BitVector and Domain
they are logged as "Minor cleanup", but apparently they introduced a change13:16
<arjanb>and if you reverse the change to Domain13:17
<bonniot>you mean only Domain?
<bonniot>no, the bug seems in BitVector. Why?13:18
<arjanb>because that method was first unused13:20
anyway, I think I will revert to the old version in CVS, and add the testcases13:24
you can look at the diff and try to understand what was wrong
<bonniot>did you find the reason?17:24
<arjanb>i have tried yet17:54
i caught cold so i not doing much today17:56
i'll be going for the evening20:40
rest and get better!
btw, could you try using latin1 (accented letters) in identifiers. it stopped working after I upgraded to javacc 3.1. I wonder if it is a platform issue, so you could try under win3220:42
tell me by email if you found aynthing
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