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<bonniot>i could not spot precisely the regression date, because of the difficulties to bootstrap intermediate versions21:19
the closest interval I got is: Between 92 and 61 days ago
that's one month long ;-(
maybe we can store a daily built to prevent future bootstrap problems21:20
<bonniot>that's apossibility. that's 1MB per day...
actually, it's only rarely that the bootstrap compiler needs to be changed, and I know when it does, so it could be done manually21:21
I also thought of a change in the way inlined methods are loaded, that should make bootstrap simpler
that's for the future
what are you planning to work on now?21:22
<arjanb>nothing today i'm just back from a barbaque and i have had some beer21:23
<bonniot>i see! ;-)
and in the close future?
<arjanb>i don't know there are dozens of minor things to be done21:27
i spoke someone on the barbeque about nice and one of the first thing he asked was have you ever tried to built a larger program with it21:36
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<arjanb>so the main reason he stopped using nice was stability21:53
how did he hear about Nice?
did he have stability problems, or he was just worried about it?
<arjanb>quick-nic is my neighbour and he seems to be bored again22:22
<Quick-Nic>as usual ;-)
<arjanb>the problem was that he got many little problems that stopped him making larger things in nice22:23
<bonniot>did he report them?22:24
<bonniot>you have to educate him about that ;-)
is he a windows user?
<Quick-Nic>but maybe he also runs a linux server
isn't he?
<bonniot>it's silly not to report, as the problem might be easily fixed, and it is a waste for the open-source project22:28
<Quick-Nic>i agree
<arjanb>qn jij bent irri
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hey arjanb
<bonniot>i'll be going, bye!23:49
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* gna slaps Quick-Nic around a bit with a large trout23:52
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