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<GummiEnte>I think I found again another bug.12:07
abstract class AA {
int foo();
foo() = 1;
abstract class BB extends AA {}
foo(f@BB) = 2;
class CC {}
up to here everything works, but now:
foo(f@CC) = 3;
Uups, just a moment... I have to much reduced... This still works.12:08
Stuck on me.12:09
I should define methods, no functions.12:10
So, no bug found. :)
<GummiEnte>is there again another new devleoper (xoltar)?12:11
<arjanb>maybe the difference between methods and function will be removed
no xoltar is developer of nice for more than a year12:12
<GummiEnte>Well, I have get used to it, but I just did not see it directly.
He did not commit that much, you or bonniot does in the last weeks. So I thought, he was new... 12:13
I'll have to leave again... CU13:17
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