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<arjanb>i tought about the name of the implicit cast by instanceof thing: dynamic type inference14:24
<bonniot>why dynamic?14:36
<arjanb>because the type of the variable changes14:37
<bonniot>i see. but then it also includes nullness, and in the future assignments14:45
could you explain a bit the last reply in this thread: http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jsp?forum=316&thread=402752&start=30&range=15&hilite=false&q=14:52
does this mean that not all java 1.5 types can be translated to nice?15:10
<bonniot>i don't think so15:11
(i think they all can, i gave the translation on ltu)15:12
it can be that he is speaking of a less expressive system when refering to "lower bounds"
in Nice we have arbitrary constraints15:13
like A < B < C
you could refer to the LTU article, and ask what he thinks cannot be done in Nice15:14
<arjanb>there is already a refernce to the ltu article15:15
<bonniot>then you should just ask an example15:16
<arjanb>another thing the latest version of the prototype doesn't include docs because they made some changes as the syntax for variance15:19
<bonniot>but i heard they would not put variance in 1.5, right?15:21
<arjanb>that's not clear to me the notation with + and - is removed but they added wildcards types List<?>15:28
the type signatures in the bytecode hasn't changed15:30
<bonniot>if only ? remains, it's a very small part of variance15:33
wdym about the bytecode?
<bonniot>if the feature is not in the language, it does not make much sense in the bytecode15:39
<arjanb>you can also write ? extends sometype and ? super sometype15:42
<bonniot>so they just changed the syntax15:43
will it be in 1.5?
<arjanb>yes if they don't change it again15:44
<bonniot>they explicitely said they were not sure yet, the proto was just an experiement, did they say something beyond this?15:46
<arjanb>they say nothing about such things15:48
<bonniot>will you write on the forum?15:54
i think we can't be sure about java 1.5 before the official beta release15:55
<bonniot>whenever that is ;-)15:56
<arjanb>the last mention of it was for december15:57
<bonniot>the beta16:00
one thing that can't be expressed in nice (yet ?) is the use of variance/wildcards for fields and local variables16:03
<bonniot>you can use type parameters of the class/method, no?16:08
I have to go. see you...
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i was just checking that the log is still working23:17
i found the reason why it got stuck sometimes, and I will update it when I find the time23:18
so i'll go again, I need some rest... bye!23:19
<arjanb>good night
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