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<bonniot>I should have finished the manuscript by the end of the month, and defend it in October/November14:57
<alexgreif>will you make it until ed of aug?14:58
<bonniot>for the warnings in the plugin: couldn't there be a difference in the way they are presented? like a different icon, color or whatever. doesn't it exists in other plugins?14:59
i hope i will make it, yes :-)
<alexgreif>I look for another type of severety...15:00
there are only error, info and warning15:01
of course we can contribute our own enty, with own icon15:02
<bonniot>so there is already error and warning, this is what we need15:22
i remember you said that you could make make the warnings work, only as errors
<alexgreif>the former discussion was a bit confusing, here is how it is:15:32
for every resource markers can be created. To disolay these markers in the problems view, they are of type NICE_MODEL_PROBLEM_MARKER. These markers can hava a severty like error, warning, or info. We already use error and warning markers corresponding to the callback methods of the CompilationListener. maybe we can introduse Info's too.15:34
btw warnings are working fine, already.15:35
we have to think about thiose looong parser error messages. How to truncat them or maybe replace them. But has a low prio15:39
<alexgreif>I think about the next task for thze plugin: syntax highlighting. I will have to analyze how other plugins do it.15:42
I have to go - cu17:12
* alexgreif leaves
* bonniot leaves23:57