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<alexgreif>I just wrote you a mail
<bonniot>just got it, i will read18:47
so the command line compiltion works?
<bonniot>but not from eclipse?
<alexgreif>eclipse stopped in the middle and also did not report anything18:48
I have to display a bpoblem in such a case
or print something in the log file
<bonniot>thw whole eclipse died?
<alexgreif>no, but nicec finished somewhere18:49
the same as when a compilation error is found, but without a problem entry
<bonniot>so how did you get the stacktrace?18:50
<alexgreif>the plugin has to show more in the problems view.
<alexgreif>I started the plugin in developer modus
can you reproduce it?
<alexgreif>so all output was printed to the 1. eclipse console
it was a hack, but finally I got it18:51
<bonniot>can you reproduce it?18:52
<alexgreif>currently I have one way: if I think that the plugin swallows something then I start nicec from commandline, and see whats wrong. Starting nicec from command line is fine :)
I only have to take the package out of the classpath
<bonniot>that gives the stack trace in eclipse?18:53
<bonniot>what package?
<alexgreif>in the flow4j package: net.orthanc.flow4j.designer.core;
<bonniot>and what happens on the command line if you do the same?18:55
<alexgreif>I sent you all putput in the first mail
from eclipse and the commandline too
<bonniot>Script running...
nice.lang: parsing
net.orthanc.flow4j.designer.core: parsing
Class org.eclipse.draw2d.geometry.Point was not found.
It is refered to in class org.eclipse.gef.EditPartViewer
You probably need to install the corresponding package.
this does not look like net.orthanc.flow4j.designer.core is mising
<alexgreif>no, draw2d classes were missing18:56
<bonniot>ah ok, that was my question about what package
but is it possible to run eclipse without having draw2d in the classpath?
it's not part of the platform?18:57
<alexgreif>yes, its a extra installed plugin
<bonniot>i se
<alexgreif>I installed two extra plugins that are used by flow4j:
they are add-ons18:58
<bonniot>well, first I will make sure that the error is reported correctly from the command line version
is org.eclipse.draw2d.geometry.Point refered to by Nice code directly?
I think in this case a problem would have been shown
so who is refering to it?
<alexgreif>Class org.eclipse.draw2d.geometry.Point was not found.19:03
It is refered to in class org.eclipse.gef.EditPartViewer
thats written in the command line output
<bonniot>OK, I think I made the fix so that all classpath errors are reported nicely19:06
could you try the development version?19:07
<alexgreif>I have to ffed the kids.... I l be beck in an hour ok?
<bonniot>ok, i won't be here but send me an email19:09
<alexgreif>wait, then I try it now...19:10
<bonniot>i have to go, bye...19:17
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