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<bonniot>i don't know what was wrong. i restarted it19:38
* alexgreif joins19:39
daniel: new plugin with sourcepath props is uploaded, I just updated the plugin wiki page19:40
<bonniot>hello alex19:42
so what's next?
<alexgreif>check into cvs20:09
<arjanb>daniel the last bugreport is easy to fix for you20:14
maybe we have finally a user who complains about more things20:15
<alexgreif>daniel: as suggested yesterday I changed the root package to nice.eclipse; the plugin id is net.sf.nice; added a GPL copyright notice to all nice files20:46
in the src/ folder I also want to put the plugin xml manifest file and build.properties file, so we would have the folloeing structure for the cvs module:20:48
eclipse/src/nice (this is the top package of the nice sources)20:50
wdym ?
<arjanb>this looks as a good structure20:59
<alexgreif>for the ant building process itself:21:04
lib/nice.jar (will be required)
<bonniot>yes, seems good21:05
<alexgreif>dist/net.sf.nice-version.tgz (will be created)
daniel: should I create the new module and import the sources? But I dont know what to specify as verndor in the cvs command21:07
daniel: for me it would be the easyest if you could create the "eclipse" module with one file init like "build.xml" so that I can add the rest 21:08
<bonniot>for the vendor: "alexgreif"21:10
or "agreif"
your SF user name is a good idea
<bonniot>you have little experience with CVS ?
ok, then I import the stuff, ok?
<bonniot>yes, after you made sure the directory is completely clean
that is, no .class, .jar, ...
no .DStore21:12
<alexgreif>I will do it like 4 post before
import only one file and add the rest
<alexgreif>this is the way I do it at office and I feel the most secure with it
I dont trust bulc operations21:13
ok then, I know what to do, stay tuned, in the case I have questions21:14
<alexgreif>cvs import -m "log msg" projname vendortag releasetag21:16
projname ?
vendortag = agreif
releasetag ?21:17
releasetag = start
<bonniot>projname = eclipse
it is the module name
<bonniot>you do it from the command line?
on OS X?
<alexgreif>yes, OS X is BSD UNIX
<bonniot>how is it going?21:42
<bonniot>is it imported already?21:43
<alexgreif>only one file, Im currently testing something else, after this I will scheckin the rest
<alexgreif>I will tell you if all is omported21:44
<bonniot>i thought maybe we should not include the commits to the plugin to nice-commit
what do you think?
<alexgreif>what is nice-commit?
<bonniot>several people are following that list, but they might not all be interested by the plugin changes21:45
nice-commit is a mailing list that receives an email for each commit
with the changelog and the diff
<alexgreif>I see
we dont have to nitify them, now21:46
maybe later if the plugin is mature
I had problems with the mailer:
N eclipse/build.xml
No conflicts created by this import
Mailing nice-commit@lists.sourceforge.net...
Generating notification message...
Generating notification message... done.
Mailing nice-commit@lists.sourceforge.net...
Generating notification message...
Traceback (innermost last):
File "/cvsroot/sitedocs/CVSROOT/cvstools/syncmail", line 322, in ?21:47
File "/cvsroot/sitedocs/CVSROOT/cvstools/syncmail", line 315, in main
blast_mail(subject, people, specs[1:], contextlines, fromhost)
File "/cvsroot/sitedocs/CVSROOT/cvstools/syncmail", line 240, in blast_mail
print calculate_diff(file, contextlines)
File "/cvsroot/sitedocs/CVSROOT/cvstools/syncmail", line 139, in calculate_diff
file, oldrev, newrev = string.split(filespec, ',')
ValueError: unpack list of wrong size
<bonniot>it looks like a bug in their script21:50
could you report it?
<alexgreif>I dont know whom
<bonniot>to sourceforge21:55
<alexgreif>yes but is it an email adress or a online tracker...?
<bonniot>no email21:56
there are trackers
<alexgreif>ok, I will look on sf.net
daniela now it seems to work:21:59
after adding the csv directory,22:00
Mailing nice-commit@lists.sourceforge.net...
Generating notification message...
Generating notification message... done.
Directory /cvsroot/nice/eclipse/src added to the repository
daniel: its imported, build.xml is still empty22:10
you can: cvs co eclipse22:11
<bonniot>ok, it works22:15
you have not written build.xml yet?
did you report the problem to SF?22:16
<alexgreif>no, I used a custom shell script, because the classpath contains many eclipse jars
it seems to work now
<alexgreif> after adding the csv directory,
<alexgreif> Mailing nice-commit@lists.sourceforge.net...
<alexgreif> Generating notification message...
<alexgreif> Generating notification message... done.
<bonniot>yes, but since it failed once, there must be a bug. did you do things differently the second time?22:21
about the build: i saw your script. it had hard values for the classpath (/Volume/... or something)22:22
<alexgreif>I think the bug is cvs import related. add and commit were ok
<bonniot>so you should report that, so they can fix it22:23
<alexgreif>we can use variables in the ant script
<alexgreif>yes I will
<bonniot>how do you customise the variables? from the command line?
<alexgreif>you can set up a build.properties file that will be reasd by the ant script22:24
there the users have to customize their eclipsehome22:25
now there is a buid.properties, but in src/
<alexgreif>I still dont know how to handle the version prefix in the plugin id's to find the jar files in the plugin folders, but I will find a solution22:26
oops, I will have to check this
maybe this wil be the first cabdidtae for Attick :)22:27
<arjanb>daniel i don't mind that eclipse is on the eclipse list22:28
on the commit list22:30
we'll see about the others
<alexgreif>the bugreport to SF is sent.22:32
I go to bed, cu tomorrow23:24
* alexgreif leaves

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