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hello arjan18:51
<bonniot>i'm going to commit the fix for the typin bug18:55
i see you commited changes, i have to update first :-)18:57
do what were the figures about the slowdown in compiling Swing?19:04
<arjanb>yes why?19:05
<bonniot>i was asking what were the numbers19:06
the speed before and after
<arjanb>before ~35sec after ~65sec
<bonniot>i did a small script to run it with the CVS of all days starting backwards from 10 days ago19:07
11 ago: 39.36u 0.21s
12 ago: 39.61u 0.28s
13 ago: 39.40u 0.33s
14 ago: 39.01u 0.31s
15 ago: 38.95u 0.14s
16 ago: 39.25u 0.19s
17 ago: 39.21u 0.27s
18 ago: 38.88u 0.29s
19 ago: 23.67u 0.30s
20 ago: 23.52u 0.35s
21 ago: 26.26u 0.25s
There are processor times, not clock times
the U are the user times, and s the system times19:08
so it seems it is something between 18 and 19 days ago
<arjanb>but the jump is clearly at 18 days ago
<bonniot>changes in that day are in value patterns, and enums19:11
cvs diff -u -D "18 days ago" -D "19 days ago" |less19:12
cvs diff -u -D "19 days ago" -D "18 days ago" |less19:13
if you want it forward :-)
<arjanb>any change in bossa.link of mlsub.typing at that time?19:15
<bonniot>yes, in bossa.link19:16
I think it is the test for value coverage that is problematic
do you make it as soon as there is a numeric type, or only when value patterns are used?19:17
<arjanb>only on value patterns19:18
<bonniot>well, there must be something wrong, since Swing does not use them, but it is still much slower19:19
can you look into that?
<arjanb>yes but i can't find the right diff
<bonniot>why not?19:20
cvs diff -u -D "19 days ago" -D "18 days ago" |less
BTW, are you sure it is still slower now?19:21
i mailed you the diff19:23
<arjanb>yes it's still slower now19:25
<bonniot>with the diff, you should be able to experiement to find out what it causing the slowdown19:26
i'll have to go not...19:27
<arjanb>i hope so
<bonniot>ok, good luck then!19:29
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