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<arjanb>and did you find a bug today? ;-)14:21
<GummiEnte>I think so... :/14:22
<arjanb>what's the problem?
<GummiEnte>Something very similar to the problem we've had yesterday with the # and '...14:23
If I do a clean compile, it works, and the second compile does not.14:24
I try to reduce the problem to the really needed...
Ok, here it is:14:26
class III {
private int i = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
<arjanb>i see the problem but this time there is a simple workaround:14:31
private int i = MAX_INT;14:32
<GummiEnte>Ok, that works. Is the Intger.MAX_VALUE issue a bug, or are I am doing something that is not indendent to do so?14:33
<arjanb>it's a bug
<GummiEnte>Ok, than I found again another bug. I don't know, if I should be proud of it.14:34
<arjanb>how earlier we find the bug how better14:38
<GummiEnte>Yes, that's true. So let us find all the bugs.14:39
Daniel is already working on the bug with the type problem, I think. He sent be already an workaround.14:40
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hi together, i'm just looking around
<dagobert>hi arjanb, hi rubberduck14:46
<arjanb>so you come join us in the bug hunting competition?14:47
<GummiEnte>To be honest: Dagobert found the bug with the type errors. I only reduced it to the minimum and you even reduced it.14:49
I get the following errors now, if I want rto compile native with gcj:15:44
gnu/mapping/ProcedureN.java: In class `gnu.mapping.ProcedureN':
gnu/mapping/ProcedureN.java: In method `gnu.mapping.ProcedureN.apply0()':
gnu/mapping/ProcedureN.java:22: error: cannot find file for class gnu.mapping.Values
gnu/mapping/ProcedureN.java:22: confused by earlier errors, bailing out
The last change in class gnu/mapping/ProcedureN.java was:15:45
cvs diff -r1.3 ProcedureN.java
Index: ProcedureN.java
RCS file: /cvsroot/nice/Nice/src/gnu/mapping/ProcedureN.java,v
retrieving revision 1.3
retrieving revision 1.4
diff -r1.3 -r1.4
< return applyN(new Object[0]);
> return applyN(Values.noArgs);
So, I assume, there is something wrong?
<arjanb>can you look inside the jar file?15:53
<GummiEnte>What should I look for?15:54
The gnu.mapping.Values is not contained.
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<arjanb>i see it should be included since the last changes but it's forgotten15:57
<GummiEnte>Well, if included it to the jar, but this also is not sufficient.15:58
gnu/mapping/Procedure.java:0: error: cannot find file for class gnu.mapping.Named15:59
gnu/mapping/Procedure.java: In class `gnu.mapping.Procedure':
gnu/mapping/Procedure.java: In method `gnu.mapping.Procedure.checkArgCount(gnu.mapping.Procedure,int)':
gnu/mapping/Procedure.java:69: error: cannot find file for class gnu.mapping.WrongArguments
gnu/mapping/Procedure.java:69: error: cannot find file for class gnu.mapping.WrongArguments
<arjanb>strange these files are included in the jar afaik16:00
<GummiEnte>Yes, they are included.16:01
Well, that's the lastest change from Procedure:16:03
cvs diff -r1.7 Procedure.java
Index: Procedure.java
RCS file: /cvsroot/nice/Nice/src/gnu/mapping/Procedure.java,v
retrieving revision 1.7
retrieving revision 1.8
diff -r1.7 -r1.8
< public final void apply() throws Throwable
< {
< apply0();
< }
< */
That does not look like something that may hurt.
<arjanb>i see that the Values class depends on other classes16:05
so i think you should mail the first error to daniel16:07
<GummiEnte>okidoki. done16:24
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