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<alexgreif>hi arjan14:36
I saw that daniel implemented instance initializers :)
<arjanb>have you tried whether they work for you?14:37
<alexgreif>is the initilizer always called after a constructor call? or can I say: for the default constructor use this initializer, and for another constructor use another initilaizer?14:38
<arjanb>a class has only one initializer14:39
<alexgreif>no, I just got the mail from daniel, bit I will test it!!14:40
so its called always when a constructor is called after the super call?
{ super(...); construction of current class; initilializing} //inside a constructor14:43
<alexgreif>what statements can I place inside the initializer? all sort of noce code, even if-then-else clauses? and Instantiation of other class instances?14:44
<arjanb>everything you want i think14:45
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