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<Leblin>I've been wondering if I would need to support java code in Nicedoc since nice projects often contained code for both languages..19:20
<arjanb>you can add implementation for java methods in Nice so it would be usefull19:22
but it's not important at the moment because you loose only the link between the docs if you use javadoc for java code19:26
<Leblin>Thanks for posting the EBNF of the parser to Wiki. Its so much easier to read it this way!19:28
<arjanb>the biggest lack of documentation now is the standard library of Nice19:29
the ebnf is a bit outdated now but updating cost quite some time19:31
<Leblin>what is missing?
<arjanb>every syntax change after 0.8 but you could look in the changelog for that19:33
there is unfortunately no satisfactionary way to get a ebnf from parser19:51
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<arjanb>are you using the development version?20:04
of the compiler20:05
<_Leblin>Nice compiler version 0.9.0 prerelease (build 2003.06.22, 09:14:52 UTC)20:06
<arjanb>i'm thinking of the benefits of releasing a compiler version more often 20:09
there are quite a lot of changes between releases and there maybe a fear for using the development version20:10
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I dont mind using dev versions20:12
<arjanb>you said that compiling smaller programs can take quite a while is that becoming annoying? do you have compile times over a minute?20:19
<Leblin>no. although I have not tried to compile a larger project.20:20
<arjanb>if you have a project that takes extraordinary long time for the lines of code i'm interrested in profiling info or the source ifself20:23
<Leblin>sure.. i honnestly don't believe that nicec is very slow in comparison to javac..20:25
however if i were compiling a large package i would surely notice a difference.
<arjanb>one of the problems of a seperate nicedoc is that it's difficult to find by which declaration an method implementation belongs22:20
but to start with, the method implementations can be ignored because they mostly have the same docs as the declaration22:21
<Leblin>that would be a problem..22:25
the parser part could be done with ANTLR which is quite easy to use22:28
<Leblin>seems very similar to javacc22:40
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