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ok. i restarted the log, but maybe it was not necessary, then.11:18
<arjanb>anything before wasn't logged11:19
<bonniot>yes. how could it be? the servers were split, and the log was on a different server11:21
in your change to RetypedJavaMethod, what does the catch (Error e) catch?11:34
<arjanb>an error is thrown when there are more than one methods with the same name and the same number of arguments11:37
<bonniot>i see11:39
btw, you did not send the message to nice-info about the retyping that takes nullness into account11:52
<arjanb>i forgot that12:01
mail send12:21
<bonniot>javac also has bad error messages sometimes:12:38
if you put 'super(exp)' inside a method, it will tell you:12:39
call to super must be first statement in constructor
i am refactoring bossa.util.Location at the moment, so it is higher-level12:40
it will be useful to plugins
<arjanb>yes generation of error messages is mostly the weakest thing of a compiler12:45
what do you think of if(x) as shorthand for if(x != null) ?15:13
with the restriction that x should be maybe null
<bonniot>i think it makes the code less clear15:17
<arjanb>that's true but i was looking around for a few thing in other languages15:21
and saw that many (most scripting) languages allow this
<bonniot>yes. C also allows if(3) ...15:23
<arjanb>i still think it's useful to make the distinction between null/not null and true/false smaller15:26
just like the optionOr
the last line of this code is ugly15:29
class A {
?String s;
?A a = ...
?String s = a!=null ? a.s : null;
i would like to write this as15:30
?String s = a && a.s;
or maybe just
?String s = a.s;
<bonniot>yes, i think it could make sense to introduce && in the second form, although I think || is more canonical (with &&, it is not obvious whether you most often want to return null if the container 'a' is null)17:30
i just commited the location changes17:31
what are you up to?
<arjanb>&& is less obvious than || for option types but it's a logical complement and the Icon language has both20:05
I'm too tired now so i will leave until tomorrow20:07
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