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guten morgen, alex
i see that you went to bed late yesterday, after all!09:01
strange, I made /leave but was not logged09:07
I did not make /quit so the tmieout kicked mw out
it seems that 2 hours after no Imput the user is kicked out 0:19 till 2:1909:08
i made a new version that understands loging out better, and put it yesterday night
so we'll see
but your computer was on?
<alexgreif>anyway I have to leave now , unnepp van az ovodaban
at 0:19 I made /leave and then put my laptop to sleep
<bonniot>ok, mikor josz visza?
<alexgreif>todfay Ill have almost not ime, because thjis evening Im invited to a party09:11
concerning the plugin I have twooquestions:
1) should we make different plugins like .ui, .debug, .core like other pluguins too?09:12
<bonniot>i wanted to ask that too!
what is the reason to separate them?09:13
<alexgreif>2) other plugins make "internal "packages. I think the ones not in the internal are not documented in the API. But I have no Idea which belong ti "internal", you can see this in the jdt.code for example
<bonniot>(I understand that it's good to create several packages inside the plugin, but why several plugins?)
is it that there plugins could be used by other plugins?09:14
<alexgreif>for 1) may be memory management, bit I dont understand because eclipse only loads plugins when they are needed. also the classes in the plugin. So maybe they say better many small plugins then one large
<bonniot>why not just make some classes or methods non-public?
<alexgreif>ah, this could be a reason
but who will contribute to nice plugins?09:15
we only have ti decide. One or many.
I have to go now, I will make thoughts.
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<bonniot>i think if you don't know why have several, or why have internal, then you can start with a simpler design, and change it later if needed
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